Thursday, March 25, 2010

besday pressie from bffs

one morning my bffs asked to go bfast with them and i asked y but they forced me to go,if not..ehhehhe...ok,ok i followwww :P

rupernyer,mau bagi ini n i loike it so much, so bling bling bangle and earrings too...

tadaaaaaaaaaa.....rasmi suda ;)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Owh terasa modanya mudanya diriku ini ;)

13/3 genap la umur akk brpa thun ek,kira sendirik hihi.

on d day itself my dear brought me for a romantic CLD ,dinner together2.

nk jadi cite,ujan lebat sgt masa tu,ai kan takleh kena ujan panas2 ni so nyer tgu reda cket bru my dear payungkan msuk restoran tu. then we had dinner i dont expect anything from me, wish je ckup dah ( yer ker heheh ) erm yes,his love is enuff for me.then on d way balk dia suh ttup mata,wah cuak den,ingat men2 so pastu tutup tak tutup pastu kena haip hehe..

got a pressie and bday card from him,tq my laling, i loveeeeeeee u so much.

i am happy gurl that nite n forever....and dah redeem gift yesterday.yeay ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

bowling sampai muntah :P

we went to alamanda last sunday for my dear's tournament kat sana...what a sunday ;)

men ske2 jek co dia yg wat so join la melepakkan diri di sana...full of activity, a happy sunday :)